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The word in the example

अनुपल्ब्ध - is actually spelt


The break therefore would be as follows:
अ + नु + प + ल + ब्ध

Re: The word in the example

Thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake.
It was just copy paste from here.

Re: The word in the example

:) what you explained still holds of course, regardless of the spelling.

Corrected the original spellings, but found two more - have written to them too, most of the interwebs is writing the correct spelling, these three appear to be isolated typos. All the more reason to have spell checkers built into browsers.

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Hyphen character in Indic languages

Hi Santosh,

This is a great article. I have a confusion though. Although hyphenation does happen in Indian languages normally the soft hyphen is not replaced with a visible glyph. Like for example in English when a word is broken at end of line, a "-" i.e.U+2010 character is inserted. This i think it happens does not happen in all Indian languages. Malayalam for example does not show a visible glyph. It just breaks the word without inserting any special character. I might be mistaken here. I was wondering if you have any information about all the Indian languages where the hyphen char is missed. Does Open-office give any such information.


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